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We can help you cut operational costs, reduce business risk, create brand value, generate revenue from new sources and Transform your company into an innovative market leader ahead of the competition. We coach business owners and senior management staff to design business plans, develop marketing strategies and create marketing plans to grow their businesses and multiply profits. Our Business development competence is engraved in our capacity to evaluate a business and then realize its full potential, using such tools as marketing, sales, information management and customer service.

Website Design and Hosting

We design optimized websites tailored to suit your business needs. We also handle Domain name registrations and hosting, E-commerce and onli...

Software Development

We have decades of experience creating software solutions for some of the world's leading enterprise organisations - so you can trust us to ...

Database Design and Management

We create software solutions for the storage, processing and retrival of information from custom databases carefully designed to suit your c...

eCommerce Solutions

Whether you sell Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business or both, Busivel Software Company will provide the perfect e-Commerce solution...

Graphic Design

Whether you are talking about graphic designs for logos, brochures, bill boards, presentation folders etc, you have a few seconds to catch t...

ICT Consulting

We specialise in the provision of consultancy services, training, solutions and innovations that can help achieve objectives and maximise re...

Supply of Petroleum Products

We provide Diesel, Kerosene, Cooking Gas and Lubricant supply services to end consumers within Lagos State. Our clientele in this area are i...

Distribution of Petroleum Products

We have range of tanker trucks to distribute purchased petroleum products to different locations. Our range of long trucks with 33, 000 lite...

Product Calibration

We have range of tanker trucks to distribute purchased petroleum products to different locations. Our range of long trucks with 33, 000 lite...

Gated Communities

We develop gated communities for private and corporate individuals. We develop gated communities for private and corporate individuals. We d...

Property Sales and Management

Our thorough knowledge of the market ensures that we are able to advise on the optimum solution for promoting our clients' landholdings to a...

Real Estate Development

We advise clients across Nigeria on their residential development or commercial development opportunities, whether they are public or privat...

Serviced Apartments

We have a variety of serviced apartments for you to choose from. Our apartments are furnished to suit any life style. Whether professional, ...

Real Estate Brokers

Where should we relocate to? How much real estate do we need? When should we act? How much should we pay? How should I structure my team...

Property Development

We develop Offices, Business parks, Industrial and logistics, Shopping centres, High street retail, Retail warehousing, Leisure and hotels, ...

Business / Project Financing

In the world of finance there are many different options available to businesses of all sizes and types. The overall goal of Kelig Trust's b...

Business / Product Branding

Creating an effective brand is something that requires experience. The design and marketing company you work with need to ask the right ques...

Business / Project Management

We provide professional project management services to a number of clients worldwide. We deliver value for money by providing the highest st...

Product / Service Marketing

Kelig Trust specializes in helping technology companies launch into new markets, new geographies, new channels, or fix market misalignments....

Feasibility Studies

We also assist companies or individuals investigate the viability of manufacturing a new product, starting a new business or developing a ne...

Start-Up Business Ideas

Whether you are a student, unemployed, employed and starting a business, there are plenty of opportunities to start a business inexpensively...

About us

How we Inspire, Lead and Excel...

At Busivel Group, we have built a brand around these three words...Inspire, Lead, Excel and thats exactly what we do. We are committed to developing products and services that will help your business grow while at the same time connecting you with the rest of the world.

We believe that total customer satisfaction is only achieved, when a good quality product is supported by attentive and responsive customer care and after sales service and support. We partner with our suppliers to ensure that our customers' needs and expectations are catered to and anticipated, by continually evaluating our systems and processes, and demanding the highest levels of attention to quality at every stage of the value chain

Our Mission and Vision...

Our vision is to become Africas number one conglomerate helping companies and individuals grow.

To be the number one conglomerate in Africa by proffering solutions to daily challenges and providing products and services tailored to suit the needs of people and businesses within time and budget thereby helping them achieve their goals.

The Busivel Brand...

Through the years these simple, yet powerful values have continually guided our decision making as well as our interactions with our clients and each other. They are thus the corner stone of who we are and shape how we operate as a company. They are summarized as "SMILE"

Service Delivery

Corporate Partnerships...

Busivel Group strongly believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts. We work closely with multi-national corporations, national companies and small- to medium-sized businesses to identify, design and implement alliances to deliver innovation and recruitment benefits to industry, enhance the global reputation and competitive edge of companies, and generate sustainable revenue and benefits to conglomerate.

Each partnership is distinctive: a bespoke agreement, tailored to the needs of a specific company. We work closely with our partners to understand their immediate challenges and strategic direction.

Corporate Social Responsibility...

At Busivel Group, we believe that serving our communities is not only integral to running a business successfully, it is part of our individual responsibility as citizens of the world. We share a proud history of services and support to the communities in which we operate and where our employees live and work.

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Our Subsidiaries

A list of companies in our group

Busivel Software Company

Busivel Software Company is a dynamic and fast growing ICT company in sub-saharan Africa. BSC is poised to ensure that our clients achieve their corporate goals by providing excellent, innovative and dynamic solutions within time and budget.

As a business core, our concern is to reduce cost and optimize profit for our clients by analyzing and applying appropriate technologies. We rigorously engage in system analysis with a view to find how through the application of technologies organizations can cut cost, smoothen their operations and of course make more profit. Getting it right the first time is our driving force and hence we have our doors open to new ideas and mutual benefit partnership from all around the world. You can contact us today to see how we can apply various technologies to put you over and keep ahead of your competitions.

We strive to become the most competent engineer of ICT Solutions in Africa by providing professional services by trained and quallified personnel ensuring that our clients expectations are exceeded.

Busivel Business and Investment Company

We are a Business Development company that has the skill, focus and discipline to ensure projects are completed and achieve their intended purpose

Our mission is to help individuals and companies achieve their set goals by providing professional services and financing.

Busivel Homes and Properties

Busivel Homes and Properties Limited is the Real Estate subsidiary of the Busivel Group and is registered as a limited liability company in Nigeria. We build unique and luxurious homes that give our clients the desired look, feel and comfort they need.

Our mission is to be the leading real estate development company in Africa that provides affordable homes built to match world standards for all irrespective of their income level.

Busivel Oil and Gas

Busivel Oil and Gas was incorporated in Nigeria by the CAC in 2015 as an oil and gas service provider. We provide Diesel, Kerosene, Cooking Gas and Lubricant supply services to end consumers within Lagos State. Our clientele in this area are industries, residential estates, hotels, shipping companies, banks, governmental organizations, hospitals, religious organizations, major transporters and telecoms companies.

Our mission is to be the foremost company offering serivces in the upstream, mid-stream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry in Africa.


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